Loria’s Marlins soaked the taxpayers for some 80 percent of the cost of new Marlins Park. By the time it opened in 2012, some $2.4 billion in debt service was strapped onto the backs of taxpayers. Talk about publicly funded.

It was one thing when this band of liars the players’ union once slapped for pocketing revenue sharing money and not spending enough on, you know, players, promised to change its ways once the new park was in place.

It was one thing when Loria and his little henchman David Samson swaggered into that New York tavern at 12:01 a.m. last November on the first day clubs could negotiate with free agents and made a big show for Jose Reyes.

It is quite another thing when one year later Loria and Co. are shipping Reyes — and everyone else they signed last winter — across international borders in some sort of twisted joke that even the World Trade Organization surely will condemn in coming days.

Marlins’ owner rips team, and city, apart with despicable trade and must be stopped