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I hate to be that guy…

…but oh man, I really hate these Tumblr pinned posts.

For how much David talks about finding better ways to integrate advertising into a platform, it bears noting: these are easily as, if not much more annoying than a site cluttered with banner ads. At least with a banner ad I can tune them out…the pinned posts require a click to get them out of the way, and i find myself spending less time on Tumblr as a result.

Is there anyone out there who feels differently? Or are we all quietly (or not so quietly) hating them?

Where I think advertising can surface in a network like Tumblr in a different way is when Newsweek or The New Yorker or the New York Public Library or a celebrity, whoever it is, reaches out and touches someone else on the network in a way that really is tremendously meaningful to them. The way that happens is, I post my photo of what I’m wearing today or an obscure quote I came across on a Wikipedia page — I post this neat thing that I discovered or created — and The New Yorker reblogs it… now that same thing, that little interesting thing and my little witty comment attached to it, are now in front of an audience of millions of eyeballs rather than just my tiny little blog or my little Twitter stream, with all the attribution pointed back to me. So now all of a sudden I’m the most popular guy in the world, thanks to The New Yorker. And, by the way, in addition to all this new attention that they drove to me, it also puts a little stamp on the post that says, ‘Reblogged by The New Yorker,’ with their little logo attached to it. That’s, like, a really powerful, vindicating positive force in our network.

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