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The time for machines to take over most of humanity’s work is rapidly approaching. The world is woefully unprepared to deal with the implications that automation will have over the coming decades. Universal basic income is just beginning to be discussed, and automation has the potential to displace much of the world’s workforce. Many decisions have to be made, and quickly, if we hope to keep pace with innovation.

Gen X spends nearly seven hours a week on social networks, a study finds, more than any other age group.

Tech giants are disrupting every industry – and banking could be next.

It’s called The Boring Company.

The Texas Privacy Act (SB6)—better known as the “bathroom bill”—could potentially cost the city of Austin millions of dollars in revenue.

The resale market for the band’s latest tour, celebrating 30 years of ‘The Joshua Tree,’ is just one more example of a broken system

Source: How U2 Fans Are Getting Squeezed by Ticket Sellers

How Kevin Systrom got over minimalism and snapped into building mode.

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