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Airless, indestructible, and 3D-printed from orange zest (among other biomaterials)



Mark Zuckerberg visits the 50 states; Jeff Bezos makes them come to him.


Garriott and his cadre of friends learned about more than computers that summer. Like many teens growing up in the mid to late 1970s, they got sucked into the swashbuckling world of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons. “Lord British became my character in D&D games,” he says. “We were gaming all night and learning about computers and math by day.”


They were once playgrounds. Now they’re ghost towns.

Neil Young’s years in Malibu were marked by existential despair, drugs, and some of the darkest albums of his career.

A wonderfully weird TV episode from the director’s early days.

I have a theory that much recent tech development and innovation over the last decade or so has an unspoken overarching agenda. It has been about creating the possibility of a world with less human interaction. This tendency is, I suspect, not a bug—it’s a feature. We might think Amazon was about making books available to us that we couldn’t find locally—and it was, and what a brilliant idea—but maybe it was also just as much about eliminating human contact.  –David Byrne

“Red vs. Blue” has run for 15 seasons and hundreds of episodes — and helped build Rooster Teeth’s diversified business along the way.

“That we cannot avoid believing in progress may also prove to be our undoing.”

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